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Fight for the Dignity of All People in Orange County!




Fight for the Dignity of All People in Orange County!

We believe in the dignity of all people--that all residents of Orange County have the right to live with Dignity, Not Fear. Through the OCCCO Leadership Academy, we prepare leaders to understand themselves and their community better, and to learn how they can transform their communities to be more equitable for all people.

"The reform to District Elections is not just a victory for Asian-Americans; it is progress towards a more accurate representation of the people, a better democracy." - LienTuong Rose Nguyen, Community Organizer

OCCCO works with young people and adults from Orange County congregations, communities, and schools who are motivated by their values to work for justice for all people. We fight for systemic change by developing leaders and educating voters to use their Faith Voices at City Hall.

"I've learned to believe in my own voice and use it to its full ability to move people and make connections. Now I am more confident when I speak out about my opinions and emotions." - Dorothy, Youth Canvasser

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